I Am A Reader

Posted By on October 17, 2012

Since my youngest years of elementary education, I loved to read.  I checked out books from our school library over and over again. I felt that the world within the pages was a world I could make my home. A comfortable place where I felt safe. I could laugh. I could relate. I read about people that seemed a lot like me… or who I wished I could be.
I happily discovered the misadventures of Romona Quimby and was hooked! This little girl found herself in lighthearted, funny situations. I soon discovered that the author, Beverly Cleary, had many more books I could enjoy. I loved escaping to Klickitat Street and feeling a sense of community and friendship and family.
As I grew older, I discovered Judy Blume. She wrote about silly grade school episodes that actually dealt with real feelings and frustrations (“Superfudge”, “Otherwise known as Sheila the Great”) I read every one! As I got closer to the teen years, I read “Iggie’s House” and “Are you there God, It’s me, Margaret?” I learned things from Judy Blume that I could never actually speak with others about, in real life. As I read, I felt a part of something. Something secretive, even. Nobody else knew what I was reading. It was mine. And it was beautiful.
As the years went on, “Sweet Valley High” intrigued me more than I’d care to admit, now. Learning about dating and boys and popular kids… well, at least I could read about all that!
When high school hit, I guess I stopped reading fiction and focused on text books that would help me pass tests. College continued with more of the same… and the addition of Bible reading and devotionals as I was feeding my new faith. Christian nonfiction filled my young adult years. Home Decorating Magazines were the bulk of my reading content as a newly married woman. Parent Magazines and books about the stages of human growth were food for thought as I became a new mom. That continued for many years. Country Living, Mary Engelbreits Home Companion… these magazines provided all the light reading I could fit into my busy days. It wasn’t till 2008, when I first heard about human trafficking, that my reading preferences changed from topics relating to the inside of my home to those going on around the world. Gary Haugen and Nicholas Kristof became my new author “idols”.
In recent days, memories have brought me back to those early days of reading. Hoping to recapture what I experienced back then, I’m starting to read some young adult fiction. Dreams are brewing inside me. I’ve always been a reader. But, I’m beginning to believe it’s for a greater purpose than enjoyment or education. It’s about more than me finding myself within the pages of another writer’s work.
I am a reader. But, I am discovering that I am so much more. I’ll let YOU read about that… tomorrow!
What about you? Who are your favorite authors? And, what do you enjoy reading?


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  1. jenny w. says:

    Hi Cristi,

    I just bought the altered book pictured in this post at Curiosities. I love it! I have been looking all over the internet for something like this for my daughter’s birthday in a couple of days. I was so excited to find your books. I am going to check out the collection at Book Finders. It looks as though one of them was a favorite of my children when they were young. Thanks for using your creativity for the Kingdom.

  2. Cristi says:

    Oh, Thank you, Jenny! I’m so glad you found “the perfect gift”! Yes, I’ve started using a different binding technique since the book pictured, above. I hope you’ll check out the newer ones offered at BookFinders. More to come! And thanks for liking my facebook page, too! You made my day!

  3. jenny w. says:

    Do you like the spiral bound better? I kind of like the binding of the book I purchased today. Would like to learn how to do it if it is not difficult.

  4. Cristi says:

    If you like the book pictured here, you should check out the YourStory machine: http://www.provocraft.com/products/index.products.php?cl=yourstory I think they both offer a different look. I personally feel like my more recently bound books might be more durable and they are easier to keep open. http://www.hazeldaisies.com/altered-story-handmade-goods-available-at-bookfinders/ But, I like the “natural” look of the books bound with the YourStory machine (pictured above).

  5. jenny w. says:

    Thanks, Cristi.

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