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Posted By on October 18, 2012


Photo taken by Cristi Schroeder at Warrens Cranberry Festival – a place of inspiration!

Dreams can be scary. That’s one reason they can take so long to come alive.
About eight years ago, I read and journaled through “The Dream Giver.”  Working through that book, three passions of mine came into focus as one dream. My lifelong love of reading, my desire to write and my desire to help adolescents combined into a focused dream to author fiction books geared at young girls. I imagined writing books filled with good morals and lessons and big purposes- all mixed inside the storyline. But, in the face of everyday responsibilities, my pursuit got sidelined. (Also, I honestly don’t think that the timing was right.)
It’s true, though, that those ambitions to be a writer have remained. I have often said, “Well, I always wanted to be a writer.” That’s way easier than saying, “I am a writer” which would lead to the question… “Oh? What have you written?” Which would then lead to a lot of self doubt and other’s judgments about my “minor works”.
Here’s that short list of writing accomplishments:
  • a children’s book in 11th grade that received high praises (from my HS teacher)
  • a bunch of A+ essays in college relating to psychological topics (graded and discarded)
  • a retreat curriculum for youth group teens based on the movie, “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” (a “whopping” 15 girls, participating)
  • most of the content for a quarterly church newsletter that ran for a few years (I joke that their were 5 faithful readers)
  • (not enough) posts on this blog
My biggest credit, I realize now, is that fact that I’ve been journaling since I was a child. It’s always helped me to get my thoughts and feelings onto paper. But, could all that really help me as a writer? Well, the authors at a recent writer’s workshop taught that anything that gets us writing in sentence form, pouring ideas onto the page-including journaling- will benefit our writing. As I soaked up every word at the workshop, my dream of writing seemed completely possible. And, I sense the conviction, confirmation and excitement that NOW is the time to pursue it!
No, I don’t plan to “take a year off to write my novel” or travel to France for inspiration. I’m just going to start with large amounts of the little things. Like finally blogging 3+ times a week. Writing at least 10 minutes a day with pen and paper in hand. Submitting some articles to local papers and eventually magazines. I hope to incorporate some of my Altered Story projects by writing tutorials for craft projects and seeking publication. Then, as my thoughts get fleshed out and my writing skills develop, maybe I will write that first book for young readers. Maybe, someday, I will write a bunch of books.
So, I’ve just decided to do it! I will finally, actually call myself a writer. I will face my fears and go for this dream!
Calling myself a published author? Well, hopefully that’s yet to come.
I’m curious… do you have dreams of being a writer? What would you write? Maybe we can join together in the pursuit of this dream… however scary it may be!


5 Responses to “I Am A Writer”

  1. Shannon says:

    Dear Writer,
    I am so proud of you! May the “Dream Giver” continue to inspire you as your pursue your passion of writing. All of us who know and love you are cheering you on.
    One of your many Readers

  2. Cristi says:

    Dear one of my (someday? many) readers,
    Thank you so much! I appreciate all of your encouragement to chase dreams!
    You are a great inspiration,

  3. jenny w. says:

    I aspire to be a writer, too. But, when I sit down to the page its laughter paralyzes me. I don’t take the time to flesh out the thoughts. I had journaled faithfully until al few years ago and then a major life even stopped me cold in my tracks. Trying now to take baby steps back to the path. Thanks for this inspirational post.

  4. Cristi says:

    Jenny, It’s so great to know there are more of us “out there” isn’t it!? Maybe now we can be in it together!? I encourage you to just keep writing. Also, I know there will be a writers group starting up in Waupaca in the new year and I hope to help begin one in Stevens Point, sometime after that. I’ve been trained in how to lead a writers group, but I’d like to get some experience at the Waupaca group, first. Keep watching for more information! :)
    p.s. Using the phrase “its laughter paralyzes me” PROVES you were made to write!

  5. jenny w. says:

    Thanks. I know another woman who might be interested in a group. :)

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