Posted By on May 9, 2009

A couple weeks ago, I was trying to fall asleep, but I couldn’t stop thinking about finances. I was asking God why he would lead me to take an expensive trip to Moldova when there are so many other needs; more needs than resources. Was this being responsible? 

It wasn’t a vision or a picture story that I tried to conjure up. But, as I was praying, I sensed that I was climbing up into The Lord’s lap. I felt such faith that He was my daddy, and that He would meet my needs. I started crying, filled with an intense trust that He would be faithful to provide. It was a miraculous moment filled with new, childlike trust.

On Thursday night at “The Worth of One,” my Daddy provided enough financial support to provide for both Amy and I to purchase our plane tickets! THAT is the kind of God I serve! That is the kind of Father that I have.

I’m doing what He’s asking me to do. And, He’s doing what I’m asking Him to do, so that I can follow Him. What a great relationship we can have with our Father God! What a good God!

“Sometimes the will of God feels downright irresponsible. You are called to make a decision or take a course of action that seems to make no sense. And if you do it, the people closest to you may think you are crazy. But responsible irresponsibility means refusing to allow your human responsibilities to get in the way of pursuing the passions God puts in your heart.”

Mark Batterson, Wild Goose Chase p. 18


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