A MacBook Air with an Orange Cover

| November 30, 2012

Here’s the picture I would post if only I had a MacBook Air

I’m dreaming of a MacBook Air. I dream that I bring my little laptop with me wherever I go. In my dreams, I pull it out of it’s cute case and type out all my thoughts and ideas that will make a fine novel, someday. It has an orange cover, because orange is happy and it inspires me. It is the first computer that I’ve ever owned that wasn’t a hand-me-down. It is personalized to fit my needs. It has apps (a long-standing item on my wish list!). I strongly believe in apps. I don’t get to use them, much, yet. But, someday I will. Someday I will use my twitter account and tweet to my 48 followers who have never once received a tweet from me or a hashtag or anything, yet they are still following me. (How sweet are they?!) Someday I will have apps that help me do my crafts more creatively and write my sentences more acceptably and shop at the grocery store more healthily and go places more efficiently and learn about so many things that I’m just sure I could only know about if I had apps. And, my friend Mindy would rejoice with me because she knows about this longstanding desire. When I go to bed at night and I think of those most important thoughts that have filtered down to the end of my day and I wish I could reach over to my orange covered MacBook Air and type them in, I can’t help but believe that someday my wish will come true. I’ve been praying for God to spoil me with a MacBook Air. I’ve had 2 amazing friends offer me their used non-Mac laptops, which I truly appreciate. I’m embarrassed to admit I feel very snooty about not using them because I really, super-bad am praying that my Father will bless me with what I can truly use-a MacBook Air. You see, my entire photo library and all my previous notes and documents and newsletters and flyers and everything I use for ministry and Altered Story and my blog and anything techy is Mac-related. My smart husband doesn’t think I should attempt to make a short-term change to one of those computers and then try to make it all transfer back perfectly on that special, golden day when I do get my very own MacBook Air. And, I agree with him because in my dreams I am united with my hubby in all his apple-loving bliss. We can email each other documents that don’t need to be exported. That’s how marriage should be. And, there’s the apps to consider. So, I continue to dream. Because using his MacBook Pro late at night, like this, when I’m tired from my computer-less day of writing with pen and paper and jotting down ideas that I just might definitely make something amazing out of, if only I had a MacBook Air available to me during the sane hours of my day, makes me wonder if I’m looking a bit silly to the world in this blog post.

I Am A Writer

| October 18, 2012


Photo taken by Cristi Schroeder at Warrens Cranberry Festival – a place of inspiration!

Dreams can be scary. That’s one reason they can take so long to come alive.
About eight years ago, I read and journaled through “The Dream Giver.”  Working through that book, three passions of mine came into focus as one dream. My lifelong love of reading, my desire to write and my desire to help adolescents combined into a focused dream to author fiction books geared at young girls. I imagined writing books filled with good morals and lessons and big purposes- all mixed inside the storyline. But, in the face of everyday responsibilities, my pursuit got sidelined. (Also, I honestly don’t think that the timing was right.)
It’s true, though, that those ambitions to be a writer have remained. I have often said, “Well, I always wanted to be a writer.” That’s way easier than saying, “I am a writer” which would lead to the question… “Oh? What have you written?” Which would then lead to a lot of self doubt and other’s judgments about my “minor works”.
Here’s that short list of writing accomplishments:
  • a children’s book in 11th grade that received high praises (from my HS teacher)
  • a bunch of A+ essays in college relating to psychological topics (graded and discarded)
  • a retreat curriculum for youth group teens based on the movie, “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” (a “whopping” 15 girls, participating)
  • most of the content for a quarterly church newsletter that ran for a few years (I joke that their were 5 faithful readers)
  • (not enough) posts on this blog
My biggest credit, I realize now, is that fact that I’ve been journaling since I was a child. It’s always helped me to get my thoughts and feelings onto paper. But, could all that really help me as a writer? Well, the authors at a recent writer’s workshop taught that anything that gets us writing in sentence form, pouring ideas onto the page-including journaling- will benefit our writing. As I soaked up every word at the workshop, my dream of writing seemed completely possible. And, I sense the conviction, confirmation and excitement that NOW is the time to pursue it!
No, I don’t plan to “take a year off to write my novel” or travel to France for inspiration. I’m just going to start with large amounts of the little things. Like finally blogging 3+ times a week. Writing at least 10 minutes a day with pen and paper in hand. Submitting some articles to local papers and eventually magazines. I hope to incorporate some of my Altered Story projects by writing tutorials for craft projects and seeking publication. Then, as my thoughts get fleshed out and my writing skills develop, maybe I will write that first book for young readers. Maybe, someday, I will write a bunch of books.
So, I’ve just decided to do it! I will finally, actually call myself a writer. I will face my fears and go for this dream!
Calling myself a published author? Well, hopefully that’s yet to come.
I’m curious… do you have dreams of being a writer? What would you write? Maybe we can join together in the pursuit of this dream… however scary it may be!

Here We Go, Again!

| March 15, 2012

The Journey Continues

It’s been a long journey since my last post.
I started this blog years ago, as a journal of sorts. I posted a bunch regarding my upcoming trip to Moldova (June, 2009). I was on a mission to learn more by actually going to one of the largest source countries for victims of human trafficking. During the entire year before my trip, I researched all I could about human trafficking. I arranged for interviews with people working firsthand against it. The trip was amazing and I learned so much about modern day slavery. I intended to share all about it, here. Not surprisingly, however, it was also emotionally draining. And I returned exhausted from all I’d taken in about this terrible reality.
Real life set in and I had a lot to catch up on. Feeling a little overwhelmed, I set aside my self-imposed guilt and decided it was OK if I didn’t write about my experiences, right away. I would give myself a little time.
Well, that “break” was prolonged simply by living the busy life of a mom, pastor’s wife, and multi-tasking go-getter.  Then, I hit a period of feeling absolutely terrible as a friend and family member. I went through a very long time knowing I just needed to shut up. (Ever been there?) After that humbling season, it had already been an embarrassingly long time since my last post. So, I felt I should have something really good and meaningful to say before I posted. But, that never materialized. Then, I felt like my blog was too out-of-date to post anything new.
Thanks to much technical & design help from my hubby (and his motivation!), I’m ready to begin again! We’ve made changes, revamped and redecorated. I even edited old posts with good links and updated info.
So, here I am! It might take time to get back in the swing of this. I’m choosing to leave my old messages as a foundation for what I write in the future. It’s a growing thing. You’ll probably see some posts about that trip to Moldova. And, I’ll still be sharing about faith, family, creativity and purpose, like before.
I welcome you to this new part of the journey! Thanks for joining me!


| June 8, 2009


Pastor Laura blogs for Highland Church

Pastor Laura blogs for Highland Church at http://pastorlauras.blogspot.com/

I’m completely new to blogging. I actually prefer the smell of old books to the lighted screen and humming of the computer. So, I haven’t done much reading online. I’m pretty “green” when it comes to knowing what I should and shouldn’t be doing. Because I have an interest in writing, I figured that blogging would be a great way to practice. Now that I’m “off and running”, I’ve decided I should probably start reading some of the other blogs that are out there. What fun!

My friend, Kate, was one of my inspirations for beginning this website adventure. She has a great blog about being a creative mom. I’ve discovered many inspiring things at Coming Up Rosemary. But, I’m discovering new blogs, too. Just today, I discovered that one of my other friends just recently started writing about her role as an abolitionist, which interests me greatly. She also shares about her experiences with adoption and parenting a special needs child. Check out The Sol Train. As I was navigating her site, I came across Sara Groves’ blog. Yay! She’s my favorite music artist, who also shares a passion for social justice issues. Of course I enjoyed reading through her thoughts and watching some videos.

I have some other favorites for creative inspiration listed, here, too. Check them out. And, please let me know if there are other sites I should make sure to visit. I’m excited to discover more!