Good Gifts

| June 15, 2012

Don’t you just love getting snail mail? Especially when it’s a BIG package?
I just got a box full of crafting goodies! My husband’s Aunt Cindy has been a wonderful encouragement to me since I started trying to make a business out of arts and crafts. She made the first purchase ever from my Etsy shop. She’s creative, herself, and has a good eye for cute stuff! The box she sent was filled with things like vintage books, plastic scottie dogs, colorful buttons, semi-scary circus creatures and even a teeny plastic baby in a box with a creepy phrase on top. Just the sort of off-beat stuff I like! There were lots of little doo-dads that will be perfect for some mixed media creations! I’m so thankful!
I’m so blessed to have many generous loved ones! As they hear about my passion to help fight human trafficking by using the old to create new, they have helped the cause by giving generously to me. My mother in law is my greatest “buyer”, finding things at thrift stores and rummage sales that have years of history waiting to be showcased. My friends have given me Golden Books, Elementary School Primers, little figurines and rick rack – my favorites! Anything before 1985 is right up my alley! The older, the better.
Recently, my friend Roxanne blessed me with things she had saved a long time. Many things are from her grandma. Granny things are the best! Here they are, layed out in my craft studio, photographed as I was filled with winsome glee.

Thanks to these gifts from a friend, I have a bunch of new things to create with! I’m thinkin’: mixed media inside the huge golden frame & an interesting shadow box assortment of medical supplies.

What are some of the best gifts you’ve received? Why did they mean so much to you? Are there every-day objects that you’ve used to make art? I’d love to get inspiration from your stories!



First Annual Highland Church Arts & Crafts Show

| June 7, 2012

I really enjoyed an amazing first art show! It was the first annual art show for Highland  Church AND the first art show selling my handmade goods AND the first art show that I co-organized!  Together with many others, we raised almost $3,200 for Project Rescue! Project Rescue is a ministry to women and children caught in sexual slavery, and one of the organizations that I already support through Altered Story sales. Part of the fun and my responsibility was pulling together my first art show display! Here’s some pictures of my Altered Story booth. What do you think?

Wall Art, Magnets and Other Goodies at the Altered Story Booth

Mixed Media Art, Photo Mattes and Altered Story Bottle Cap Pins

Origami Heart Bookmarks, Birdhouse Block Decoration & Jewelry Galore!

Mixed Media, Decorative Photo Mattes, Game Board Wall Hooks & More Check out Etsy to find more goodies like these!

As the art show co-coordinator, it was a busy and fun experience to also pull together seasoned and emerging artists for a cause so close to my heart. Gathering artists for the show who do such beautiful and unique work was such a great aspect of the experience! Here’s just a sampling of the 18 artists who shared their treasures.

Photos By Rox - Roxanne Kauth was our show co-organizer! We made a great team!

PS Collections by Naomi Seiben Like her on facebook for updates on her photography and artwork!


Vintage Charm Creations by Nancy Hoover - One of my favorite Handmade Goods Artists! I bought up her spy owls for my wee ones and some great little decorations.

The Pink Petal Designs by Trudi Wilbur - SUCH cute garden art! I snatched up a Ting Bottle Bug!

Children's Art Showcase - 100% to Project Rescue! Kids CAN change the world! Both of my children sold their art in the show... thanks to Grandpa!

As artists continue to sell custom creations, we continue to fundraise for Project Rescue. It’s so amazing to use our talents to truly make a difference in the lives of those who need our help the most! I can’t wait for next year! I hope you’ll be able to join us!


Altered Story Handmade Goods

| March 19, 2012

This and other goodies available at

Flossy The Rabbit Mixed Media Magnet Decoration - available at

As a stay-at-home mama and busy pastor’s wife, my main focus goes to my family and church. However, I have a husband who is always encouraging me to pursue my dreams.
As my budding interest has turned into a real passion to fight modern day slavery, my husband has been my biggest encourager. And, he knows I’ve always enjoyed doing crafts… especially paper crafts. So, I’m excited to share that because of his nudging and inspiration, I’ve combined these two interests into something exciting!
In recent months, I’ve been pouring much energy into my new handmade goods business, Altered Story. By using my still-blooming talents, I’m able to make a difference in the world by spreading awareness about modern day slavery through my crafts. I alter vintage goodies and wonderful old books into new treasures. My hope is to help alter the stories of slaves around the world. I share with potential customers the reason behind what I do. And, I donate 10% of profits towards supporting anti-trafficking organizations that work to protect, rescue and restore.
I can attest to this: putting my attention and effort into helping slaves around the world by creating lovely things has given me such a GREAT appreciation for my blessed life. Surprise! This new adventure has been altering my own story for the better, too! And, I’m so thankful.

Photo Mattes For Framing

| April 27, 2009

Friends Photo Matte

"Friends" Photo Matte

I’ve been making cards since I was child, sending love to others through things I colored or painted. In my adult years, I’ve stamped and used colored pencils and blending pens to do just the same. However, in recent years I’ve been using pages from old children’s books and unique rub-ons to express my thoughts through cards.

For my recent projects, though, I decided it was time to try something a little different. I put some neat old-fashioned pages to use to make interesting photo mattes for friends, girls, boys, and babies. Check them out on my flickr page.

Now, I need to get to the thrift stores for some matching frames! I’m hoping to sell these at a local hotspot of creativity, someday.