“CHANGE the World”

| December 11, 2012

Changing the world by collecting change? Yup!
It all started with a group of wonderful women who had been praying for orphan children in Myanmar (old Burma). Our pastor and some people from our congregation had visited an orphanage there and discovered that, due to great poverty, the children survive on only three rice balls a day. There is a cesspool much too near the orphanage. So land is needed along with updates to the facilities. When these ladies were asking God how they could help, God gave them the idea to collect change. It was that simple. But, after that handful of praying ladies had raised hundreds of dollars among themselves, they asked if the pastor could share the vision with the entire congregation. He agreed that it made good sense. (Yes, I was tempted to type in “cents”, there. Are you glad I didn’t?) So, the challenge for our entire church to collect change and help the orphanage in Myanmar was presented.

Changing the world by collecting change

Our family mission is “Live in Christ. Change the World.” So, we wrote down our purpose (Change the World) on our collection can and got started. That was one month ago. Our kids had a blast emptying every nook and cranny of our house and cling-clanging the change into the tin. Whenever I found change, one of the kids would happily run the change to the tin to help “Change the World”. It’s been such a great experience for all of us.
We exchanged the coins at the bank, today! Now have twenty three dollar bills plus some coins. In just one month! I encouraged our boys to pray about what God would have them add (from their allowances) and my husband and I will do the same. I think a whole church of families taking this challenge will truly be able to make a difference.
Going forward, we will continue to put change in our “CHANGE the World” tin and donate the funds toward another cause close to our hearts. We will donate our change to fight the terrible reality of human trafficking.
Most of us have change lying around, don’t we? In our purses. At our nightstands. In our cars. Anywhere we empty our pockets. Think for a moment: What cause do you care most about? Why not start a “Change the World” tin, glass or bucket of your own?
What an easy and awesome idea! And, all because of some praying ladies.
I have to say it. Prayer does CHANGE things! (hehehehe)

Details. Details.

| May 30, 2009

Moldova is to the right (small,yellow) and Sweden is at the top (green)    

Moldova is to the right (small,yellow) and Sweden is at the top (green)

Many people have been asking Amy and I questions about our trip to Europe. So, here’s the scoop. We plan to depart for Moldova on July 15th, arriving on July 16th. We will be staying in Moldova 5 full days with Missionaries Troy and Heidi Darrin. We are working to arrange meetings with people who help orphans and victims of sex trafficking and interview them about what they do, their organizations and more.

We are scheduling visits with:

  • Andy and Nancy Raatz at the Home of Hope (name later changed to Freedom Home)
  • Moldovan orphanages
  • Moldovan pastors to discuss how these social justice issues affect their churches and communities
  • Moldova’s Teen Challenge
  • Government organizations who are working to combat human trafficking (Please pray with me that I will be able to meet with Stella Rotaru.)

We are excited to meet the people of Moldova. We will spend time in the busy capital of Chisinau and go out into the small village communities, as well.  We plan to share it all with you through photos and blogs and video, during our trip. Check back here.

You may not know that we are flying from Moldova to Sweden. We will spend 5 days there, visiting my twin brother and his family. During our time there, we will travel by train across Sweden for my sister-in-law’s family reunion. We’ll have opportunities to do some site seeing, as well. Then, we will fly back to the US on July 28th.

The entire trip will be a total of 14 days, including travel.

If you have any more questions, please ask. We’d love to share more details with you!

The Worth of One

| April 25, 2009

Amy and I are heading to Moldova!

If you’d like to stay up to date on the latest and the greatest, keep this page bookmarked. We will be blogging and posting pictures on a regular basis. We even plan to post from Moldova!

We’d love to share more with you at our special event, “The Worth Of One.” You are invited! We wholeheartedly believe that God has great things in store for us AND for you! Please come to be encouraged and inspired.

And, if you haven’t gotten one already, make sure to get a cool paper bookmark to keep in your Bible or favorite book (see below). We hope you’ll use them to keep us in your prayers. Thank you so much!

We are excited about our trip and we hope to keep you inspired and encouraged about your very own adventures.

God bless you!*