First Annual Highland Church Arts & Crafts Show

| June 7, 2012

I really enjoyed an amazing first art show! It was the first annual art show for Highland  Church AND the first art show selling my handmade goods AND the first art show that I co-organized!  Together with many others, we raised almost $3,200 for Project Rescue! Project Rescue is a ministry to women and children caught in sexual slavery, and one of the organizations that I already support through Altered Story sales. Part of the fun and my responsibility was pulling together my first art show display! Here’s some pictures of my Altered Story booth. What do you think?

Wall Art, Magnets and Other Goodies at the Altered Story Booth

Mixed Media Art, Photo Mattes and Altered Story Bottle Cap Pins

Origami Heart Bookmarks, Birdhouse Block Decoration & Jewelry Galore!

Mixed Media, Decorative Photo Mattes, Game Board Wall Hooks & More Check out Etsy to find more goodies like these!

As the art show co-coordinator, it was a busy and fun experience to also pull together seasoned and emerging artists for a cause so close to my heart. Gathering artists for the show who do such beautiful and unique work was such a great aspect of the experience! Here’s just a sampling of the 18 artists who shared their treasures.

Photos By Rox - Roxanne Kauth was our show co-organizer! We made a great team!

PS Collections by Naomi Seiben Like her on facebook for updates on her photography and artwork!


Vintage Charm Creations by Nancy Hoover - One of my favorite Handmade Goods Artists! I bought up her spy owls for my wee ones and some great little decorations.

The Pink Petal Designs by Trudi Wilbur - SUCH cute garden art! I snatched up a Ting Bottle Bug!

Children's Art Showcase - 100% to Project Rescue! Kids CAN change the world! Both of my children sold their art in the show... thanks to Grandpa!

As artists continue to sell custom creations, we continue to fundraise for Project Rescue. It’s so amazing to use our talents to truly make a difference in the lives of those who need our help the most! I can’t wait for next year! I hope you’ll be able to join us!


Highland Church Arts & Crafts Show

| May 12, 2012

I’ve been SO busy getting ready for my first-ever Arts & Crafts Show! Not only am I one of 18 artists, but I’m coordinating the entire event with some very special people.
My new & forever friend (Roxanne) and I have been leading the “Arts & Crafts For Hope” small group every 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month, since February. At each meeting, we teach on and discuss the issue of human trafficking. We also provide helpful information to emerging artists to bring success beyond our hobbies. We’ve offered tips on using Facebook, Etsy, blogging, Twitter and other modern day ways that artists can sell their wares beyond a “brick and mortar” store. We’ve also given lots of helpful ideas that we can all use as we participate in this art show! This group has helped Roxanne and I plan the entire show. We’ve done so much: inviting talented artists, planning and promoting the show, setting up, and coming up with many creative ideas for fundraising.
It is our goal to raise $5,000 to donate to  Project Rescue, an amazing ministry to women and children found in sexual slavery. We’ve gotten children involved by asking them to donate their artwork -100% of each sale will help children victimized by human trafficking. Our artists are donating items for a silent auction and they have all agreed to give 10% of their sales to Project Rescue. We are excited to see emerging artists selling alongside seasoned artists… all to fight modern day slavery. Wow! I invite you to join us for this spectacular event. It truly is Art with Purpose.

Beyond the Soiled Curtain

| November 25, 2009

beyond the soiled curtain image

This is the first book I will recommend to those who are interested in the issue of human trafficking. It shares about sex slavery in a way that is easily read and accepted. It has statistics and information, but readers won’t get lost in details because the authors share personal stories that keep your attention.
I read through the entire book in one sitting. It shares about the work of Project Rescue and the powerful hope we have in Jesus Christ. It inspires readers about what can be done through the working of the Holy Spirit through people like you and me.
I am thankful for those working with Project Rescue, right now. This is an annointed ministry fighting great battles. They are freeing women from the bondage of sex slavery and taking in the children of these workers, so all may live a better life. The Grants and others working in Project Rescue’s ministries around the world need us to team up with them. Through our prayers, our financial help and by sharing information, we can help them to make a difference. Thank God for Project Rescue!
Missionary David Livingstone is quoted in the book, “Sympathy is no substitute for action.” As a mom and pastor’s wife, I’m busy with the work God’s set right before me. I wish I could do more to combat trafficking. Maybe God will lead me to future works. But I’m reminded, from this book, that the greatest work I can do to combat human trafficking is to pray. I pray for spiritual and physical freedom for sex slaves around the world. I pray for those working with victims to be filled with the supernatural power of His Holy Spirit. I pray that He will fill me, so that I will be ready if He should ask me to move to the front lines. Prayer is something I CAN do. And, so can you.
A prayer from the book: “Dear Lord, please save the millions of women and girls who are being exploited in sexual slavery; and use my life and resources to save at least one.”