| June 8, 2009


Pastor Laura blogs for Highland Church

Pastor Laura blogs for Highland Church at

I’m completely new to blogging. I actually prefer the smell of old books to the lighted screen and humming of the computer. So, I haven’t done much reading online. I’m pretty “green” when it comes to knowing what I should and shouldn’t be doing. Because I have an interest in writing, I figured that blogging would be a great way to practice. Now that I’m “off and running”, I’ve decided I should probably start reading some of the other blogs that are out there. What fun!

My friend, Kate, was one of my inspirations for beginning this website adventure. She has a great blog about being a creative mom. I’ve discovered many inspiring things at Coming Up Rosemary. But, I’m discovering new blogs, too. Just today, I discovered that one of my other friends just recently started writing about her role as an abolitionist, which interests me greatly. She also shares about her experiences with adoption and parenting a special needs child. Check out The Sol Train. As I was navigating her site, I came across Sara Groves’ blog. Yay! She’s my favorite music artist, who also shares a passion for social justice issues. Of course I enjoyed reading through her thoughts and watching some videos.

I have some other favorites for creative inspiration listed, here, too. Check them out. And, please let me know if there are other sites I should make sure to visit. I’m excited to discover more!

“When the Saints” by Sara Groves

| May 9, 2009

Nathan helped me put this together to inspire guests of “The Worth of One”. We can each be “one of them”!

When the Saints

Come Alive

| April 27, 2009

“The glory of God is man fully alive.” -Saint Ireneaus

Sara Groves “Just Showed Up For My Own Life”Sara Groves “just showed up for my own life”

Are you really living? I can honestly say that I’ve just started to truly come alive. There’s a difference between knowing something in your head and knowing it in your heart. I finally believe, with all my heart, that Christ loves me and He has a special purpose for me, every day of my life. A growing realization of who I really am, in Christ, has been changing my life. Understanding who He made me to be is allowing me to glorify Him in new ways.

I glorify Him because of who I am. I am His creation, a unique woman who has individual interests and value aside from any of the roles I play in my life. I am also Nathan’s wife, the boys’ mommy, a writer, an artist, a photographer and an up-and-coming modern day abolitionist. I’m a Christian who thinks that living for Jesus is more about what I do in Him, rather than what I shouldn’t be doing in the world. I can say now, what I wouldn’t have said just over a year ago, “I AM a world changer.”

A part of what he’s using to glorify Himself is my realization and acceptance of who I am not: the stereotypical pastor’s wife (there isn’t a “typical pastor’s wife”, by the way), an amazing cook, the girl who other people might think I am… and most importantly, who I was yesterday. What freedom!

I pray the same for you. Seek after God. Receive His love and accept that you ARE valuable! He made you with a special purpose that only you can fulfill. I encourage you to glorify God by coming alive in Him! It’s the only way to live!