Vintage Postcard Ornament Tutorial

| December 15, 2012

If you are looking to make a unique Christmas tree ornament, this Vintage Postcard Ornament tutorial is just right for you! It is pretty quick and truly charming!


  • (Vintage) Postcards
  • Glitter Glue
  • Hole Punch
  • Ribbon

Pick your postcard. Punch a hole in the center near the top. The ribbon will hang from this spot.

I prefer vintage postcards, of course! (The date on the back of two of these is 1910!) Make sure to use a hole punch just wide enough to fit the ribbon you will use to hang your creation from the tree.

Apply Glitter Glue

Apply glitter glue to the edges of your postcard, and to any spots you’d like to highlight. The glitter may look a bit thick and goopy but it should dry flat and perfect! There are many color options, available. ¬†Choose what works best for your postcard and according to your preferences.

When the glue dries, add the ribbons of your choice.

After the glue has dried (time will vary depending on how thick you apply it and what brand you use), then you can attach the ribbon of your choosing. I like to put the tied bow right in the front as part of the decoration.

Finished Ornaments with the Red Glitter Edging

Here they are! Don’t they look adorable?! Each ornament is a unique work of art, with it’s own special message on the back. These were written long ago and sent at Christmas time to loved ones. As I give these as gifts, I like to imagine a wonderful cousin or sister-in-law writing their note near candle light, never guessing that I’d be passing their Christmas message on one more time, today. Just think how far off 2012 must have seemed to them, over 100 years ago!
Oh! Isn’t it just marvelous to make old things into new treasures!?
Merry Christmas!


“Big” Plans

| June 9, 2012

12-2 and counting...

During the last week of school, the kids and I made BIG plans for the first day of summer. (ha!) My boys and I planned to wake up and drive away in our pj’s to buy a bunch of sweet treats at the Dunkin Donuts drive through, then come back home to watch movies and cuddle all morning and not get ready until we felt like it. (I know, I know! Such high aspirations!) Well, that’s what we did, and we had a blast!
Of course, with all that lazy rest mixed with loads of sugar, we were ready-to-go by 11:30 am! A bike ride down to the river to feed the ducks, eat a (healthier) picnic lunch, play at the park and come home again for a short break before going swimming at the lake. They splashed into the evening sunset and then heard stories of the “olden days” from Grandpa and his 3 brothers. Each wee one fell asleep during the late car ride home. What a great start to summer!
What are your big plans for summer? I’d love to hear your big (or small) ideas!