Arriving in Moldova

| July 27, 2009

On July 16th, Amy and I arrived safely in Chisinau, the capital city of Moldova.  Stepping outside the doors of the airport was a true welcome, as we viewed such an amazing panoramic of green pastures and blue skies. As we drove into the city, it began pouring and we made our way through humungous structures that looked like city gates from “Lord of the Rings”. As we got closer, we realized that they were communist-style apartments.

"The city gates"
“The city gates”

Troy Darrin (our missionary host) shared with us how each one is a condominium, of sorts, to the inhabitants. It depends on the owners how they will fix up their portion. Most are the size of 2 small rooms, with a balcony attached. One of the rooms may be used as their livingroom/bedroom, with a couch that turns into a bed. The other half of their apartment may be an entryway, a small kitchen and a bathroom. We visited an amazing young couple, with a baby, who rents one of these. The woman told us that it depends on the complex whether they will have heat starting in October or November and whether you might be in one of the warmest or coldest apartments, both summer and winter, based on what floor you live on. (Does the heat come from the top or the bottom?) Some have gas, but hers only had electricity. It costs so much, they only kept one light bulb in their 3 bulbed lighting fixture. The hallway didn’t have any lighting fixtures. The amenities depend on when they were built by the communists and how many levels they have (architectural design). She said that during these summer months it is up to her to boil her water for food and for hygienic purposes. Her small home was kept neat and tidy, and she told us she was blessed to live there. These huge complexes fill the landscape of the city.

Chisinau Apartments

Chisinau Apartments

We made our way past many of these buildings, through flooded streets and downed trees. We found “shelter” in an upscale pizzeria-style restaurant and enjoyed some delicious food. Then, we drove back to the Darrins where I was treated to some meaningful gifts, a birthday cake, and ice cream from a tube. Super yummy! We went to the living room and began the gift giving… for Moldova! Amy, I and LOTS of you donated 3 suitcases of items to the Darrins, other missionaries and ministries and the wonderful people of Moldova. It was such fun! We gave away many of the items during our visits throughout the week. They brought so many smiles! And the Darrins were left with MANY presents to give away in villages and to children, families and others as they continue their ministry in Moldova. Thank you to all who blessed us with the joy of blessing others! It was so fun to be a part of it all.*

We come bearing gifts!

We come bearing gifts!

Details. Details.

| May 30, 2009

Moldova is to the right (small,yellow) and Sweden is at the top (green)    

Moldova is to the right (small,yellow) and Sweden is at the top (green)

Many people have been asking Amy and I questions about our trip to Europe. So, here’s the scoop. We plan to depart for Moldova on July 15th, arriving on July 16th. We will be staying in Moldova 5 full days with Missionaries Troy and Heidi Darrin. We are working to arrange meetings with people who help orphans and victims of sex trafficking and interview them about what they do, their organizations and more.

We are scheduling visits with:

  • Andy and Nancy Raatz at the Home of Hope (name later changed to Freedom Home)
  • Moldovan orphanages
  • Moldovan pastors to discuss how these social justice issues affect their churches and communities
  • Moldova’s Teen Challenge
  • Government organizations who are working to combat human trafficking (Please pray with me that I will be able to meet with Stella Rotaru.)

We are excited to meet the people of Moldova. We will spend time in the busy capital of Chisinau and go out into the small village communities, as well.  We plan to share it all with you through photos and blogs and video, during our trip. Check back here.

You may not know that we are flying from Moldova to Sweden. We will spend 5 days there, visiting my twin brother and his family. During our time there, we will travel by train across Sweden for my sister-in-law’s family reunion. We’ll have opportunities to do some site seeing, as well. Then, we will fly back to the US on July 28th.

The entire trip will be a total of 14 days, including travel.

If you have any more questions, please ask. We’d love to share more details with you!

“When the Saints” by Sara Groves

| May 9, 2009

Nathan helped me put this together to inspire guests of “The Worth of One”. We can each be “one of them”!

When the Saints